Why is it important for knowledge created through research to be applied in the real world?

Technology transfer around the world has the goal of transforming the knowledge generated through research into new products or services available on the market, thus providing practical benefits for society. Technologies developed at universities and research centers are thus transferred to organizations capable of carrying out this transformation.

OTL UdeC is dedicated to technology transfer through the formal licensing of technology developed by researchers of the University of Concepción to third parties. We recognize that scientific discoveries made by UdeC researchers in all fields of knowledge are the result of their valuable research work and this is the basis of OTL UdeC’s approach, seeking for as many R&D results as possible to reach the market.

Technologies are typically transferred through an agreement in which UdeC grants a license to a third party for exploiting intellectual property rights belonging to UdeC with regard to a specific technology. The licensee (the third-party that obtains a license to a technology) can be an existent company or a new startup company. Licenses include terms requiring that the licensee meet certain performance milestones and pay licensing fees to UdeC. The income from the said fees is shared with the inventors in recognition of their work and distributed to the unit where the inventor is active in order to promote research, education and participation in the technology transfer process.

OTL UdeC places a team of professionals at researchers’ disposal for exploring the commercial potential of their inventions, promoting the use of the technology and identifying potential licensees.

OTL UdeC promotes a collaborative approach where researchers participate actively in the technology transfer process. This is essential for describing inventions and their technical advantages in detail and can significantly improve the possibilities of finding the right licensing company for each technology.

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Do you have an invention?


1399100323_document_text_downIf you think that you created a new invention, please complete the Invention Diclosure and send it to the Technology Transfer and Licensing Office.