Injectable pharmaceutical formulation comprised of disulfiram and a cyclodextrin for treating alcohol dependence that requires monthly administration

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Alcoholism is a chronic, progressive disease that manifests itself with symptoms that affect one physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and socially. One of the main problems in treating alcohol dependants is the low adherence to treatment, for it requires their will to take a daily pill or not to rip off a pellet.

The University of Concepción developed a new inclusion complex formed by disulfiram and cyclodextrins, formulated as an inyectable, which allows maintaining stable therapeutic plasma levels of this drug from the beginning of the administration, with a proven clinical efficacy for 30 days, with minimal irritation in the administration area.

A comparative study (tested against oral disulfiram) performed on 48 patients during 6 months of treatment evidenced that this new injectable formulation: facilitates treatment, requires less supervision (monthly vs. daily), increases bonding in patient/physician relation, has an adherence to the treatment 41,4% higher than oral disulfiram, increases abstinence (10.6% higher than oral disulfiram) and requires a minor drug intake per month (1.5 gr. Injectable vs. 15 gr. injectable) which is a key factor for preventing hepatotoxicity.

From a clinical point of view this new complex is a pharmacological tool that further
supports the biopsychosocial treatment of alcohol dependence, increasing the level of adherence to treatment and reducing the relapse after treatment. It may also be used in the treatment of cocaine dependence.

Jacqueline Sepúlveda Carreño
Pharmacology Department
Faculty of Biological Sciences

Intellectual Property:
International applications
PCT/IB2008/003695 and PCT/IB2008/003696

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