Our Staff

Sandra Araya Tapia. Executive Director.
Industrial Engineer, M.B.A., is in charge of the University’s intellectual property and licensing activities and has been head of the OTL since January, 2012. Her work is focused on strengthening cooperation between the OTL and the University’s wide range of offices and units, promoting the execution of research projects, technology development and transfer and the identification of strategic alliances and potential partners contributing to the technology transfer process.
E-mail: sarayat@udec.cl
Telephone: (56-41) 220 7489

Valeria Bravo Fray. Chief Innovation Officer.
Industrial Engineer, has assisted in carrying out the OTL’s activities since June, 2013. She provides guidance to projects developed in the University that are in the market assessment stage in order to enable a subsequent transfer. In addition, she designs value propositions for technologies during the compiling process of the research project portfolio of the University of Concepción.
E-mail: valeriabravo@udec.cl
Telephone: (56-41) 220 7493

Ana María Cavalerie Salazar. Journalist.
Journalist, specializes in the creation of editorial policies and has worked for the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), as well as businesses and universities. At the UdeC Technology Transfer and Licensing Office, she is responsible for communications, dissemination networks and relations with other public and private institutions.
E-mail: acavalerie@udec.cl
Telephone: (56-41) 220 7493

Pamela Cuevas Lara. Secretary.
Bilingual Executive Assistant, is responsible for administrative tasks related to the OTL’s activities. She provides support in the creation of financial reports, both printed and online, to be presented to organizations such as FONDEF, INNOVA CHILE and others. In addition, she assists in the coordination and execution of OTL promotional activities and work meetings.

E-mail: cecuevas@udec.cl
Telephone: (56-41) 220 7458