About us

Created in 2012 with the support of Corfo, the Technology Transfer and Licensing Office of the University of Concepción (OTL UdeC) has the goal of promoting within the UdeC community the transfer of the University’s intellectual property to third parties for the creation of new products and services, thereby contributing to social and economic development. 

Research, development and innovation form one of the four cornerstones of the University of Concepción’s strategic plan, and are fundamental in improving and strengthening its ties with industry.

The inventions and technologies created by UdeC researchers are assets stemming from their valuable research work. These technologies are often beneficial for society and require further development and investment in order to become new products or services available on the market.

In this way, OTL UdeC seeks to contribute to the virtuous cycle of science, technology, innovation, development and well-being, making it possible for the results of R&D projects to have a real impact on people’s lives and boost national competitiveness.

To achieve this goal, OTL UdeC promotes cooperation among the different units of the Vice-Rector’s Office for Research and Development in order to identify companies capable of developing technologies in an early stage (characteristic of university research) and willing to bring them to the market.